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NeoNail Vitamin Oil 6.5ml - Light
NeoNail Vitamin Oil 6.5ml - Light
  • SKU: NN-8373

NeoNail Vitamin Oil 6.5ml - Light


    Vitamin Oil 6.5 ml - Vitamin Cuticle Oil LIGHT Vitamin Cuticle Oil Light - cuticle oil with vitamins Try a novelty from the vitamin series that will surely steal your heart! This is Vitamin Cuticle Oil Light, a product enriched with additional, nourishing ingredients and a unique, beautiful fragrance.

    What makes it stand out? Vitamin Cuticle Oil Light is: a formula based in 97% on ingredients of natural origin; pleasant, refreshing scent of white tea; cuticle oil that is quickly absorbed despite the formula enriched with almond oil and macadamia nut oil; easy application thanks to the package with a pipette; composition enriched with vitamin C and castor oil, thanks to which the olive ensures smoothness and elasticity and prevents water from escaping from the upper layers of the epidermis; Cuticle oil with the scent of white tea

    Choose a cuticle oil, which not only has fantastic moisturizing and nourishing properties, but also a beautiful, delicate fragrance that makes it pleasant to use. Make your every manicure or pedicure an amazing, aromatic ritual thanks to Vitamin Cuticle Oil Light with a refreshing and light scent of white tea!