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Why is my hand piece not rotating on my E-file?
Dust and debris can build up in the hand piece. We always recommend that you use a dust extractor when using a E-File.
Why are the bulbs flashing in my nail lamp?
The reason why your bulbs may be flashing may be down to a number of reasons:
  • A defective transformer- Ensure you use the correct cable that is provided with your lamp, you may need a replacement if you are using the correct cable for your lamp.
  • Incorrect bulbs for the lamp.
  • If you have this issue with your lamp you may have to replace the transformer or the bulbs.
    What difference does the power of a nail lamp make?
    LED lamps are a necessity to produce gel polish manicures. Double the power of the LED lamp means that we shorten curing time. Therefore the higher the lamps power the quicker the gel polish will cure. in addition, the time that it takes for the gel polish to cure will also depend on: the number of bulbs and their positioning in the lamp and the distance of the bulbs from the hand.
    How do i clean my nail brushes?
    Always remember to never clean your nail brushes in acetone or cleaner- It will destroy your brushes! So how do we clean our nail brushes? We can clean then in our colourless top/base coats to remove any excess colour or decoration. Dip the brush into a bit of top or base coat. Wipe it with a dry lint-free swab to remove any excess product always remember to form the correct shape of the bristles to keep your nail brushes at their best.

    Gel Polish

    How many layers of gel polish do i need?
    The number of layers would depend on the pigmentation of the chosen colour. Many colours may require 1 layer, others may require 2. For light colours we recommend using one of our bases such as cover base protein underneath, this will allow for exceptional results.
    How do i prepare the nail correctly?
    To prepare the nail correctly we begin by gently removing excess cuticle, using a wooden stick or cuticle pusher along with cuticle nippers where necessary. Some may wish to use an E-File-It is essential to have had the relevant training in the use of an e-file if you wish to use this method. If you have a problem removing the cuticle (ie: they are too hard) you can use a cuticle remover to soften them. The next step is to shape the nails with a nail file. Remember to file in 1 direction with a smooth movement. We then matte the nail plate with a buffer or polisher. Finally we cleanse the nail plate to ensure excess oil/dust is removed
    Why are my nails going navy after using Top Shine Bright
    Top Shine Bright has a high gloss finish and also a filter that reflects UV light (To prevent yellowing). Therefore especially on Black or very dark nails this can appear as a navy sheen over the nail. We recommend that you use an alternative top coat for very dark nails.
    Why is my gel polish peeling?
    This can happen if the nail plate is properly prepared or the nail plate is particularly naturally greasy. It is important to ensure that the natural nail is thoroughly degreased and that the layers of polish that you apply are not too thick. We should also check that the bulbs in our lamp are working efficiently.
    What makes Base Extra different from Hard Base?
    Hard Base is a classic base for gel polish. It is perfect for simple natural nail manicures and is applied in 1 thin layer and cured in the lamp. Base Extra can be used to extend, build and reconstruct up to a length of 7mm.
    Why is my gel polish chipping?
    This can be caused by not preparing the nail plate correctly. It can happen if the nail plate is not matted correctly or thoroughly degreased. Applying too thick of layer of the polish can also cause the product to not cure effectively in the lamp. Other reasons this has the potential for happening would be an expired product, an unprotected free edge of the nail (ie:insufficient coverage) or a weak and splitting nail.
    Why has my gel polish gone thick?
    Some colours may thicken under the influence of low temperature. This is most often a problem in the winter months. Advice: If you have a problem with the application of a given colour eg: glitters or highly pigmented colour, warm the bottle of that particular colour in a bowl of warm water between 30 and 50 degrees c for around 3 minutes. You can also warm it back up by rolling the bottle in your hands
    Why am i getting spots on my neon colours?
    The colour of neons sometimes discolours temporarily when the product is overheated in the lamp (Curing time is too long) then it absorbs too much light and spots appear. However this is only temporary and they will disappear in around an hour of the product being worn. This often happens when we apply the colour to the whole hand. if we begin with the little finger, cure, ring finger, cure, middle finger cure, index cure then thumb and cure then essentially the little finger has been cured for upto 10 minutes where as thumb only for up to 2 minutes.
    Is the 6in1 Base Self-Leveling?
    Yes, The 6in1 Base in self-leveling. To get the perfect C-Curve you can opt to turn the nail upside down and lightly drag the brush in places that are uneven.
    How should i store my gel polish?
    1) A dry shady place- It is best to store you gel polish in a cabinet or drawer away from direct sunlight. It is also very important to be aware of the temperature, our gel polishes will not work if stored in the fridge or close to a radiator. They are best between 10 and 25 degrees 2) Store them upright- Properly stored gel polish should be arranged upright with the cap facing up. why? The product will not spill out or seep. Also it will prevent freezing. 3) Paying attention to the expiration date
    Why is my gel polish shrinking before/after it has been in the lamp?
    When it comes to gel polish shrinking before it goes into the lamp, the reason maybe too many layers of polish. Also pay particular attention to the proper degreasing of the nail plate before applying the base coat. If this happens at the point of the hand being in the lamp you should verify the power of the bulbs within the lamp or the lamp itself. As with any piece of equipment they are subject to wear and tear over time.
    Why is my white french tip yellowing?
    Causes: Frequent sunbathing or use of sunbeds Contact of nails with chemicals/foods So how can we prevent this? Top Sunblocker Pro-This Top coat has been specially formulated to prevent yellowing of light colours. It is worth remembering to always wear gloves when working with chemicals
    Why does my gel polish manicure look dull?
  • insufficient curing in the lamp or too short exposure time
  • The incorrect cleaner
  • Cleansing the nail too soon after removal from the lamp.
  • Applying oil to soon after removal from the lamp.
  • Ensure that the nails are cured correctly, Once the curing process has taken place. Always remember to allow the nails to 'COOL DOWN'. This is a really important step that many people neglect but will make a huge difference to the finish of the nail. Not all top coats available on the market shine beautifully when cleansed with isopropyl alcohol at 99% concentration. Some give a gloss of only 30% therefore it essential that the cleaner you select is suitable for your individual product.
    Can pregnant women wear your gel polish on their nails?
    No contraindications have been found. The nail plate is not essentially living. The substances within the gel polish cannot penetrate into the bloodstream. However a pregnant woman should avoid contact with chemical preparations. Therefore it should be taken into consideration that all gel polish and acetone have vapors that should not be inhaled.
    Why has my gel polish cracked?
    The natural nail is very flexible. It bends. This is why on an odd occasion you may experience cracks. How to prevent Cracking and improve durability: If we have a very thin, flexible nail plate or longer nails it may happen that the gel polish will crack and create a 'spiderweb' on the surface of the nail top. To fix this it is possible to buff away the top layer and reapply the top coat of choice.
    How do i remove my gel polish?
    Gel Polish can be removed in the following way: 1) Using acetone to dissolve the gel polish - Thoroughly buff the top of the gel polish -Apply acetone on a dust-free cotton pad or foil wrap - Wait 5-10 minutes, remove foil and cotton pad, and remove any residue with a 180 grit file. - instead of a file you may prefer to use a wood stick or pusher.
    Why is my gel polish bubbling during application?
  • improperly prepared nail plate
  • layer of gel polish is too thick
  • Lamp is too weak or not a sufficient amount of expose.
  • Mixing too vigorously before application
  • Too fast or inaccurate application of the product.
  • Advice: The nails should be thoroughly matted and degreased before application of the product. Always apply in thin layers Ensure your lamp is sufficient. Do not mix too vigorously. Wait a few seconds before placing the hand into the lamp.
    How do i apply black and white colour gel polish?
    Black and White Gel polish are extremely pigmented colours and should be applied in 2 very thin layers on the nails. Each time we must cure in our 48W LED lamp for 30 seconds and in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes. Remember not to cleanse between layers. Be careful that the colour does not flow into the sidewalls because it will then wrinkle and as a consequence it will come off the nail plate after some time.
    I'm struggling to remove my gel polish, why is this?
    Sometimes removing gel polish can become a bit of a problem. The polish stubbornly sticks to the natural nail, even though you soaked it in acetone. At this point is vital that you do not try and scratch it off by force from the natural nail as this has the potential to really damage the nail plate. So how do you deal with this problem? The causes -
  • The top layer of was filed too hard causing the product to penetrate into the deeper layers
  • Combining products from different brands
  • Using too little acetone or not allowing enough time for the acetone to penetrate the product
  • Over-curing
  • Not ensuring the top layer is matted before removal.
  • Can Base 6in1 Silk Protein replace the need for Hard Gel?
    Most likely yes, but it all depends on personal preference. The bottle with a brush provides and easier and faster way to apply the product, especially for less experienced people. The main task is to make Base 6in1 Silk protein the base layer of a coloured gel polish layer, however at the same time if the nail is uneven, has dips etc.. the product can be used to build them up abit to make them more durable. Base 6in1 Silk Protein is more flexible than our usual hard gels enabling it to flex with the natural nail whilst preserving superb adhesion and durability.
    Does the 6in1 protein base strengthen and regenerate the nails, What function does it fulfill?
    Yes the base contains proteins, however it has many other advantages that are very important. It is a product with 6 features built into 1. It can strengthen and extend the nail, you can build with the product and it also has self-leveling properties. It is resistant to high temperatures and also has the glossy properties of a top coat. The proteins incorporated in the base have great strengthening properties, it will provide a durable manicure that is resistant to damage. The base does not dry the nail plate out. In addition the base is great to prevent nail biting thanks to which you will be able to achieve the desired length nails that you have always dreamed about.
    What is the best way to use red gel polish?
    Red has always been a classic and tempting choice of colour for many years and has a special place in our hearts. We have a wonderful selection for you to check out on our website including our iconic Sexy Red the most classic, feminine colour the world has ever seen!. We have some great suggestions for how to style a red manicure below
  • With a glitter accent nail - It looks great with either a glitter gel polish nail or one that is created using our magnificent pigmented dusts.
  • With a combo of black and white - Classic Red always works great in combination with a beautifully subtle black and white design
  • More great ideas: You will find more great ideas and inspiration on our website and social media pages. Don't forget follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all of the latest products, news and gossip!
  • Which of the bases would be suitable for me?
    If you are a beginner and just starting out on your adventure with gel polish, or you would like an easy base to remove we would recommend the following bases:
  • ARD BASE- This has a thin consistency that makes it easier to work with. It also allows for the product to applied in a very thin layer. It can be super easy to remove with acetone.
  • BASE/TOP 2IN1- Base /Top 2in1 has very similar properties, however you can also use this product for the final shiny top layer.
  • Hard Base vitamins would also be highly preferential to beginners.
  • If you require a base for a problematic nail plate such as thin or very fragile nail or you are looking to add more durability to your nail design we would recommend the following bases:
  • HARD BASE VITAMINS- in the case of a problematic nail hard base vitamins would be perfect as it is a classic vitamin base. Its composition includes silk proteins, a complex of vitamins, shea butter extract and keratin. It has a medium to thick viscosity and can easily removed with acetone.
  • BASE 6 IN 1 SILK PROTEIN- This base would also work great for problematic nails. It is a medium to thick viscosity and contains silk proteins. With its help you can build and extend the nail up to 1cm. A thin layer of the product can be removed with acetone, a thicker layer can be removed using an E-File.
  • REVITAL BASE FIBER- behaves in a similar way but it contains nylon fibers, with its help you can build and extend up to 7mm. It can be removed in the same way as Base 6 in 1 Silk Protein.
  • If you require a base to extend the nail the following bases can be used:
  • ASE EXTRA- The most popular base to use to extend the nail would be Base Extra, which allows you to extend the nail up to 7mm. It also allows you build up the natural nail slightly without an extension. It is also a great proposition for a problematic nail.
  • BASE 6IN1 SILK PROTEIN AND REVITAL BASE FIBER as described above and their colour equivalents would also be great options for extending the nails.
  • If you require a base with colour, such as a nail that is discoloured or you would like to emphasize the colour of pastels more we would recommend using the following:
  • BASE EXTRA COVER- This has the same properties as the Base Extra we described earlier, however we have added a beautiful delicate pink colour to it.
  • REVITAL BASE FIBER- The situation is similar with Revital Base Fiber, which comes in a number of beautiful shades ranging from Milky French to Rosy pinks.
  • COVER BASE PROTEIN- We added colour to Base 6in1 Protein, this is how Cover Base Protein was born. Our collection of colours is always expanding so take a look to see which you like best.

  • Simple 3in1

    How long will my Simple 3in1 manicure last?
    The durability of Simple 3in1 polishes averages around 14 days depending on the condition of the nail plate.
    Is it necessary to apply a primer before applying Simple 3in1 polishes?
    Primer is dedicated to a problematic nail plate only. Simple 3in1 does not require primer.
    How many sets of nails will a bottle of Simple 3in1 produce?
    The length of time that the product will last depends on the size and length of the nail plate. On average a capacity of 7.2ml will be enough for around 7 sets of nails.
    I'm allergic to Gel Polish, Can i use Simple 3in1?
    Simple 3in 1 has been tested on people with sensitive skin under the supervision of a dermatologist and has not shown any adverse reactions. However if you were allergic to gel polish early we recommend to carry out a test on 1 nail. This needs to be a 24h test, apply the product only to the prepared nail plate and cure for the correct time. DO NOT apply the product to the skin.
    What do the silk proteins contained in Simple 3in1 polishes do?
    The Silk proteins contained in Simple 3in1 help to protect against mechanical damage to the nail.