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NeoNail Vitamin Cuticle Oil 6.5ml Intense
NeoNail Vitamin Cuticle Oil 6.5ml Intense
NeoNail Vitamin Cuticle Oil 6.5ml Intense
  • SKU: NN-8370

NeoNail Vitamin Cuticle Oil 6.5ml Intense


    Vitamin Cuticle Oil Intense - vitamin oil for cuticles This is a new version of the classic


    Vitamin Cuticle Oil - this time with an additional nourishing ingredient and a beautiful, feminine fragrance.

    Open up to hydration, regeneration and an unusual, sensual aroma. Check what else it will surprise you with! Vitamin Cuticle Oil Intense has: a formula based in 97% of ingredients of natural origin; light texture that is quickly absorbed; rich composition based on almond oil and macadamia nut oil; enriched with vitamin E; convenient packaging with a pipette, which facilitates the application of the product on the skin. Cuticle oil with a beautiful scent Cuticle oil is a product that you use after each nail stylization - its smell should be pleasant to you, and the composition of the product should be rich and natural. From now on, you do not have to give up aroma to achieve the results, because Vitamin Cuticle Oil Intense will meet all your expectations! It is an olive with an intense fragrance that resembles a beautiful, feminine perfume. If you like expressive, sensual aromas, you will love Vitamin Cuticle Oil Intense immediately after applying it to your nails!