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NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml - Shiny Queen
NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml - Shiny Queen
  • SKU: NN-8170-7

NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml - Shiny Queen


    7.2 ml UV/LED Gel Polish - Revital Base Fiber Shiny Queen

    Discover the UV/LED Gel Polish base for special tasks - this is the iconic Revital Base Fiber that you know well.

    This time, however, we have enriched it with colour!

    It's the perfect product to paint a quick manicure - you can apply it on your nails and then finish the styling with a top.

    Revital Base Fiber is a UV/LED base in Shiny Queen color – it is an elegant white shade with the addition of delicate silver specs.

    You can use it in two different ways – as a classic base on which you will apply UV/LED Gel Polish or as a standalone product that you will cover with any top.

    Wrap your Nails Revital Base Fiber Shiny Queen and you'll love it from the first time you apply it!

    What else will you love this for?     

    Strengthening Revital Base Fiber has in its composition special fibers, calcium and vitamins E and B5. Thanks to them, UV/LED Gel Polish styling will stay even on weak, brittle plates.     

    Extension and filling - with Revital Base Fiber you will add your nails up to 7 mm in length and even out micro-cracks in the nail plate.     

    Quick manicure - apply a Shiny Queen base and finish styling with a top.

    That's all you need to enjoy perfect nails that are ready in a few moments!

    Easy application     - perfectly shaped, short brush will facilitate applying Revital Base Fiber even on an uneven, brittle plate.