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NeoNail - Love Spirit UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml
NeoNail - Love Spirit UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml
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NeoNail - Love Spirit UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml


    Love Spirit UV/LED Gel Polish

    It's time to put dark, subdued colours in the drawer and start using more saturated colours that will perfectly match the current spring climate!

    It is worth enriching your collection with new shades - how about pink UV/LED Gel Polish from the latest collection?

    Love Spirit delights, hypnotizes and makes you want to wear it on your nails all the time, after all it is an unusual, intense colour that catches the eye.

    Combine this pink colour with other shades that are also included in the  new BLOOMY VIBES collection from NeoNail.  

    Pink UV/LED Gel Polish - the hit of spring 2021!

    It cannot be denied that pink nail polishes can change the look of any styling - they are like jewelry that emphasizes what is most beautiful. That is why you should not be afraid to experiment with the Love Spirit UV/LED Gel Polish, because you will use it whenever you want to stand out from the crowd or emphasize your courage and go-ahead character!

    Love Spirit UV/LED Gel Polish is:

    ✅ creamy texture that allows you to work on 5 nails at the same time (the product does not run down the cuticles),

    ✅ a very saturated shade that provides up to 85% coverage with just one layer,

    ✅ easy application thanks to a well-shaped brush,

    ✅ curing in 30s when using a 48W LED lamp,

    ✅ quick removal of styling with Acetone,

    ✅ durability up to 21 days and perfect shine!

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