NeoNail Glossy Finish Liquid - Vitamins and Oils 100ML
NeoNail Glossy Finish Liquid - Vitamins and Oils 100ML
NeoNail Glossy Finish Liquid - Vitamins and Oils 100ML
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NeoNail Glossy Finish Liquid - Vitamins and Oils 100ML


    Are you looking for something that will nourish your cuticles after styling and at the same time beautify your manicure? Discover what the Vitamin Finisher with Glossy Finish Liquid Vitamins & Oils can do for you. See what advantages it has: a practical 2-in-1 product - it is not only a finisher, but also an oil!

     Its double power will make you gain beautiful shine and moisturize your cuticles at the same time. Choose comprehensively well-groomed nails; beautiful scent after use - the liquid is delicately perfumed. It leaves a sensual, feminine scent on your nails, which will accompany you when you wash the sticky layer at the end of styling; nourishing formula - the liquid has been enriched with macadamia oil and almond oil. These ingredients soothe irritations and have a strengthening effect.

    Additionally, they will protect your cuticles from drying out; a perfect liquid at the end of the treatment - finisher with olive is perfect as a cuticle care product. Apply it to your nails after styling to complete the effect. About the product Vitamin finisher with olive Glossy Finish Liquid Vitamins&Oils is a professional liquid with the addition of olive, intended for washing the sticky layer at the end of styling.

     It will meet the needs of all people who perform nail styling using various methods. The liquid increases shine, making the manicure more attractive. It emits a subtle, feminine scent that makes application pleasant. The product is rich in nutrients such as macadamia oil and almond oil. They ensure hydration of the cuticles and protection against irritation. It has a vegan composition - you can easily reach for it if you are looking for a proven, safe liquid.

    The product is in a white, aesthetic bottle with a capacity of 100 ml. REMEMBER! The finisher is not suitable for degreasing the natural nail plate due to the olive oil content. Use it only after styling with hybrid nail polishes or gels, to wash the sticky layer and moisturize the cuticles. After styling, moisten a cotton pad with the product and wipe the surface of the nail polish or gel with it until the sticky layer is completely removed.