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NeoNail - Glittery Effect No. 02
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Glitter for nail styling 2g

Glittery Effect No. 02 - pink - green

Glitter with a thousand stars

Glittery Effect is a collection of 3 eye-catching glitters. They shimmer beautifully in the sun and are ideal for Summer styles.

Glittery Effect has the ability to change the classic manicure in a very simple & effective way. You can achieve a stunning and beautiful look without going through all the effort and experience of nail styling. A trivial application that will not put up with your patience is the essence of this collection of pollen glitter.

Discover Glittery Effect, a colourful “confetti” that will forever change your manicure!

Description of Glittery Effect collection

The glitter comes in a small pot. It's overall size & texture is thicker, which distinguishes it from the more classic glitters which are usually tiny & thin. This gives each granule a sort of 'pixel' appearance when on the nail. It will look pretty on both the nail plate as well as an addition to nail ornaments. Protected from rinse aid & washing detergents in general - it stays on the nail plate for a long time and remains in perfect condition. You can apply it to your favourite gel polish or into gel itself.

Glittery Effect is suitable for all shades of manicure.

It is worth however remembering that the final effect the glitter will give depends also on the chosen colour of the gel polish!

There are just so many combinations that you can choose from...


Application of Glittery Effect

1. Apply a small amount of Glittery Effect to the second cured layer of the gel polish using a special applicator or your finger.

2. Remove excess glitter with a soft brush.

3. Apply to the entire Hard Top Nail layer, making sure that the free edge of the nail is well protected and then cure according to the table.

4. Wipe off sticky layer with a cleaner and align the edges with a nail file.

Note: If your nail gel has a small dispersion layer (sticky layer), it should be cured for a shorter time so that the light sticky layer remains on the nail.


Application of Frost Effect Type

1. Apply glitter to the second coat before curing.

2. Sprinkle the nail glitter thoroughly on each side.

3. Cure according to the table.

4. Align the edges with a nail file.



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