Neonail - Futuro LED Lamp - 22W/48
Neonail - Futuro LED Lamp - 22W/48
Neonail - Futuro LED Lamp - 22W/48
Neonail - Futuro LED Lamp - 22W/48
  • SKU: NN-9365

Neonail - Futuro LED Lamp - 22W/48


    LED lamp FUTURO TOUCH 22w/48 Are you looking for a reliable device for curing nail styling? We have created just such for you and with you in mind! Reach for the LED lamp for hybrids designed and tested from the beginning by NEONAIL employees, created in our company and by our team! Our proprietary product is a response to the needs of our consumers.

    Thanks to this, the device has all the necessary features that anyone who performs hybrid, gel and acrylic styling is looking for in this type of tools. This model combines modern design, reliability and practical use, which is everything our clients have been looking for so far!

    Modern design, and very practical - the nail lamp has an ergonomic shape and delicate lines, thanks to which it looks great, and at the same time is very comfortable to use. Refined in every inch - the device was designed and tested by NEONAIL employees, which is why it was successively improved at every stage. Easy to store - the LED lamp does not take up much space, and is also lockable. Thanks to this, you do not have to hide it after styling your nails.

    Convenient opening - the device is closed, but very quickly and easily opened. Reliable in any situation - the FUTURO TOUCH 22W/48 model is great for both manicures and pedicures. A detachable bottom and a dedicated case ensure comfort during transport. Energy efficiency is the basis - the device has 22W, but the diodes placed in it are as strong as in 48W lamps.

    Why is the FUTURO TOUCH 22W/48 LED lamp so unique?

    • Low Heat Mode System - the lamp for curing hybrid nails gradually heats up to reduce the burning sensation when curing gel stylizations.
          Timer - the LED lamp has a built-in timer, so the device remembers the last used fixation time.
      Reliable, designer and easy to store - this is the FUTURO TOUCH 22W/48 LED lamp!

    Technical data: Power: 22W Voltage: 24V DC Number of LEDs: 21 pcs. Dimensions: 210x160x45mm Wavelength: 365-405nm Timer 30s, 60s, 99s (low heat mode) Power cable length: 150 cm Low Heat Mode - This system is responsible for the gradual heating of the lamp. The power increase occurs first after 30s and then after 50s. The mode reduces the burning sensation of the plate, especially when curing gel stylizations.