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NN - Expert 15ml Dry Top
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NN - Expert 15ml Dry Top


    NN Expert UV/LED Gel Polish 15 ml - Dry Top

    Top Dry is a UV/LED Gel Polish with a thin consistency without a sticky layer.

    Creates a hard, extremely shiny outer protective layer.

    Can be used as a topcoat on reinforced, built nails. It is not suitable for thin and weak nails.

    How to use?

    1. Gently polish the nail with a polishing block.

    2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in the LED / UV lamp according to the table.

    3. Apply a layer of UV/LED Gel Polish in the selected colour and harden in the lamp again (the darker the colour, the longer the curing time).

    Repeat the operation to obtain a depth of colour.

    4. Then apply a second, equally thin layer of the same UV/LED Gel Polish, and then harden the UV/LED Gel Polish in the lamp.

    5. Apply the DRY TOP layer to give a very distinctive shine, and then harden in the lamp.

    6. In order to remove the UV/LED Gel Polish from the nails, matt the shiny layer with a polishing block, then apply Acetone.

    * for this purpose, apply acetone on the Foil Nail Wraps (or use a dust-free swab and cover it with a nail, then wrap it with aluminum foil) and leave it for about 10 minutes.

    If there are residues of UV/LED Gel Polish, remove them with a wooden stick or a metal hoof.