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NN - Expert 15ml Base Extra Cover
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NN Expert UV/LED Gel Polish 15 ml - Base Extra Cover

A product for special tasks.

It works great on a very demanding and problematic plate.

It can be extended up to 7mm and thanks to its very good adhesion it is also suitable for a superstructure without the need for extension.

How to use?

Base Extra Cover version without the application of colored UV/LED Gel Polish:

1. Gently polish the nail with a polisher, remove the dust formed, then rinse with a Cleaner.

2. Apply the primer * on the prepared nail plate, then apply a thin layer of Base Extra Cover, and cure in the LED or UV lamp according to the table.

3. Apply a second, slightly thicker layer on the natural nail and on the template (if you decide to extend it). Cure the whole in a LED or UV lamp according to the table. To obtain the proper structure of the nail, the operation should be repeated.

4. If necessary, after hardening the nails, smoothen the nails with a 180 grit file. Remove the dust and rinse with Cleaner.

5. At the end, apply a thin layer of Top Hard to add gloss. The top should be cured in a LED or UV lamp according to the table and then washed with a Cleaner.

* We recommend using a dedicated primer for a given nail plate.



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