NeoNail - Duo Acrylgel Perfect Clear 7g
NeoNail - Duo Acrylgel Perfect Clear 7g
NeoNail - Duo Acrylgel Perfect Clear 7g
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NeoNail - Duo Acrylgel Perfect Clear 7g


    Duo Acrylgel Perfect Clear - 7g

    NeoNail Duo Acrylgel is a novelty that will revolutionize the world of manicure.

    The new product form is an innovative solution - a combination of acrylic strength and lightness and elasticity of the gel.

    The product provides:

    - dense consistency

    - does not flow onto the skins,

    - the possibility of extending and modeling nails,

    - permanent stylizations

    - nails very resistant to damage,

    - extension of 5 nails simultaneously

    - without fear of moving the product on the plate,

    - application using the template,

    - comfortable work without haste

    - curing in the LED lamp without feeling the heat,

    - lack of unpleasant smell,

    - a choice of 5 shades in four variants (7 g, 15 g, 30 g, 60 g).

    Professional Acrylgel Duo is easier and faster in application compared to a traditional gel with a thinner consistency.

    When the regrowth occurs, you can top up the product by applying Duo Acrylgel after choosing the colour.

    Then just develop the nail and apply a coloured UV/LED Gel polish of your choice.

    Duo Acrygel avialble in French Pink - slightly pink shade, Cover Pink - pink, slightly peach shade.

    Application with Acrylgel Duo Tips:

    1. Gently polish the nail plate with the polishing block, remove the resulting dust with a brush and rinse your nails with Cleaner.

    2. Remove any skin tags and cuticle, if necessary, remove them using nippers

    3. To increase adhesion, apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in the LED lamp or UV lamp according to the table. * * If we have a problem nail plate, you can also use Primer.

    4. Apply the appropriate amount of product to the inside of the tips, taking into account the correct construction of the "C curve" (a small amount of product should be in the area of ​​the skins and on the free edge, and more in the middle of the tips).

    5. Apply the prepared tips to the nail plate, gently pushing. In the event of the product getting on the skins, soak the brush with Cleaner and then remove the overspill. Cure in LED 48 for 30-60 seconds.