NeoNail - Acrylgel Duo brush

NeoNail - Acrylgel Duo brush

SKU: DFB123 NN-6126


Acrylgel Duo brush

A professional tool with two practical tips will allow you to extend and shape the nail plate with the innovative product Duo Acrylgel.

The double-sided brush consists of:

1. A metal spatula that allows direct application of the product on the nails. It is a slightly longer, flat tip - it gives precision and comfort when performing manicure treatments.

2. A high-quality brush that makes Duo Acrylgel easy to spread on the nail plate and build the right shape.

The cut and of the bristles make it suitable for spreading the product.

The brush has protective covers, it is aesthetic, it will be perfect in a beauty salon.

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