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NeoNail - 3in1 SIMPLE LED Gel Polish 7.2g - EXPLORER
NeoNail - 3in1 SIMPLE LED Gel Polish 7.2g - EXPLORER
  • SKU: NN-8139-7

NeoNail - 3in1 SIMPLE LED Gel Polish 7.2g - EXPLORER


    Explorer hybrid paint, a fashionable shade for the summer of 2021 Do you like to perform a hybrid manicure with varnishes from the SIMPLE series, but so far you have missed intense, neon colors? Discover the latest, fashionable color collection that will steal your heart!

    Choose one of the beautiful summer shades and change your nail design in just a few moments. All you need to do is apply the varnish on your nails, and then harden each layer in the LED lamp - SIMPLE products are 3-in-1 hybrids, so they do not require the use of a base or top coat. Orange-peach hybrid varnish from the SIMPLE collection Explorer is an orange-peach, neon nail polish that will reign supreme on our nails this summer.

    With its help, you will emphasize not only holiday, beach outfits, but also those for the office or for an evening meeting with friends. The paint of a similar shade is Chillin, but the Explorer is distinguished by a much darker color. Do you want to give your styling a holiday, light character? Paint your nails with an orange-peach hybrid from the SIMPLE collection!