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NeoNail - UV/LED Revital Base Fiber 7.2ml - Warm Cover

7.2 ml UV/LED Gel Polish - Revital Base Fiber Warm Cover

Discover the UV/LED Gel Polish base for special tasks - this is the iconic Revital Base Fiber that you know well.

This time, however, we have enriched it with colour!

The Warm Cover Revital Base Fiber U/LED Gel Polish base wraps your nails in their perfect feminine colour.

This is the darkest shade of all available in the Revital Base Fiber product collection.

Warm Cover is a  warm, gently beige color. Looking for a colour to create the perfect nude styling?

It's the perfect product to paint a quick manicure - you can apply it on your nails and then finish the styling with a top.

What else will you love this for?     

Strengthening Revital Base Fiber has in its composition special fibers, calcium and vitamins E and B5. Thanks to them, UV/LED Gel Polish styling will stay even on weak, brittle plates.    

Extension and filling - with Revital Base Fiber you will add your nails up to 7 mm in length and even out micro-cracks in the nail plate.     

Quick manicure - apply a Warm Cover base and finish styling with a top.

That's all you need to enjoy perfect nails that are ready in a few moments!   

Easy application     - perfectly shaped, short brush will facilitate applying Revital Base Fiber even on an uneven, brittle plate.

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