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NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set
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NeoNail - Baby Boomer Set


    Baby Boomer Set

    Meet BabyBoomer, a universal nail styling, which is a modern variety of French manicure.Now you can make this decoration with our set - you will find all the necessary products in it.

    What is BabyBoomer?

    This is a very feminine stylization in which we obtain the effect of a subtly blurred ombre.On nails painted with a natural, slightly pink colour, the white tip creates a subtle colour transition.

    Thanks to this, it is a timeless and extremely universal manicure.

    BabyBoomer is a styling that will fit any occasion!

    It is elegant and timeless, it will be perfect for a date, business meeting, but also a great proposition for a wedding manicure.

    What products will you find in the set?

    -Cover Base Protein in Nude Rose shade - is a base that has colour in it. Thanks to it, you will give your nails a natural, pink colour. (7033-7)

    -Paint Gel in a shade of White Rose - with its help you will create a subtle ombre that will perfectly blend into the pink base. (4832)

    - Styling sponges - thanks to them you will combine the shade of the base and white gel into a blurry colour transition. (5667)

    -Hard Top - this is a top with which you will finish the stylization, giving it durability and shine.

    - Manicure accessories - here you will find a cuticle gum to protect them from dirt (5880) and wooden sticks (1586)  to remove Gum peel-off from the area around the nails after the manicure is finished.

    Are you looking for creative and fashionable decorations? Choose our kit! It will allow you to gain new, unusual skills that will result in the perfect UV/LED GelPolish  on your nails - with its help you will learn to paint the perfect BabyBoomer styling.