NeoNail – Smart Set Exclusive

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Smart Set Exclusive

Professionalism, comfort, style - all this is enclosed in a Smart Set Exclusive!

A starter set with a modern 36W / 48W LED lamp. There are also colours and accessories that are our that you will also want to have in your collection. The LCD Display lamp is a device for starter to intermediate level use - it has as many as 5 modes of operation (10s, 30s, 60s, 99s and Double Power), which gives the opportunity to make the most interesting decorations.

Subtle French Perfect Milk, shiny Shiny Rose, juicy Thailand Beauty and classic: Sexy Red and Independent Women in a set with Hard Base and Hard Top create the perfect package.

Take the challenge and paint a stunning manicure with Smart Set Exclusive!

Set contains:     

1x 36 / 48W LED lamp     

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 3 ml French Perfect Milk

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 3 ml Shiny Rose

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 3 ml Sexy Red

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 3 ml Independent Woman

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 3 ml Thailand Beauty

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 7.2 ml Hard Base

1x Hybrid Nail Polish 7.2 ml Hard Top

1x Nail Cleaner 50 ml

1x Acetone UV Gel Polish Remover 50 ml

1x  Roll of nail wipe wadding 12 layers - 250 pcs

1x File grey boat 100/180

 1x Polisher purple boat 100/180

* 36W / 48W LED lamp with display is a step to beautiful nails and in a festive version. It is equipped with:     4 curing modes      -     10     seconds     thirty     seconds     60      seconds     99      seconds - Low Heat Mode,     36 LEDs     motion sensor -     as soon as you put your hand under the lamp, it will start  automatically .  will allow you to do a pedicure,  harden every decoration,  digital display - when choosing one of the operating modes, it will show the time remaining to the end of curing. When you use the motion sensor, the active working time counter will be displayed. Technical data:     36 LEDs,     maximum power: 36W / 48W,     DC 24V 1.5A     dimensions: 210 x 207 x 103mm,     wavelength: 365-405nm. User manual: 1. Connect the lamp to the power supply. 2. After starting the device, select the lamp operating time using the timer 10s, 30s, 60s, 99s. 3. If you are not using the Timer, the infrared sensor will start working when you insert your hand into the lamp. The device will turn off when the hand is removed.  

**Depending on stock contents may vary**

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Quick delivery. Very happy with the purchase. Quality of each product from the set is high. Easy to use for the beginner. Very clear instruction was included. Highly recommended.

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