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NeoNail - OH OH OH
NeoNail - OH OH OH
NeoNail - OH OH OH
NeoNail - OH OH OH
NeoNail - OH OH OH
NeoNail - OH OH OH
NeoNail - OH OH OH
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NeoNail - OH OH OH


    Christmas set - Oh, Oh, Oh!

    With 4 limited UV/LED Gel Polishes + styling product with applicator.

    Huge joy and growing excitement - these are the great emotions that accompany us during the preparations for Christmas, when we are waiting impatiently for this magical day.

    Let yourself be carried away by these feelings and be amazed, or make someone close to you shout joyful Oh, Oh, Oh!

    Such reactions can arouse only one Christmas set, which will be the perfect gift for any fan of beautiful nails. Introducing you Oh, Oh, Oh Set!

    What products does it hide? -

    Glow Lady UV/LED Gel Polish - pink and gold glitter that will beautifully decorate your nails and become real jewelry in a few moments! 

    Vanilla Candle UV/LED Gel Polish - classic, feminine shade of beige. It will perfectly combine with other colours that you will find in the set, creating a perfect, festive outfit.

    Glamorous Kiss UV/LED Gel Polish - intense, saturated pink with a sensual character, which will give an elegant character to any styling.

    Merry Plum UV/LED Gel Polish- a deep, timeless shade of purple. Its colour resembles the colour of dried plums, which perfectly fits the Christmas aura.

    3D Holo Effect 10 pollen and applicator - holographic, navy blue powder full of shiny particles. The effect you get with it will surprise anyone who looks at your manicure.

    Beautifully packed, full of nail styling products - this is a Christmas-style gift that will delight the faces of your loved ones. Give it to someone who is important to you and see them shout for joy, Oh, Oh, Oh!