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NN-Advent Calendar
NN-Advent Calendar
NN-Advent Calendar
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NN-Advent Calendar


    Advent Calendar

    Already in November you dream of dressed in red pajamas and in the light of Christmas lights watch winter romantic comedies?

    Or maybe you can't wait for Christmas hits to appear again on radio stations?

    One thing is for sure – this year we can spend this magical time together!

    Meet the limited edition NEONAIL, Advent Calendar which hides many unusual gifts.

    Open one window every day to discover what gift we have prepared for you for that day. Here you will find decorating products, our iconic bases and tops, and 12 UV/LED Gel Polishes, 8 of which were created specifically for the calendar.

    Feel the real magic, excitement and have fun with us in your style!

    Fancy opening all the windows in one day?

    Or maybe you prefer to discover new surprises every day?

    The choice is yours – just spend the holidays the way you like!