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NeoNail – UV/LED Gel Polish Magnetic Cat Eye 5D 7,2ml – Siberian
NeoNail – UV/LED Gel Polish Magnetic Cat Eye 5D 7,2ml – Siberian
NeoNail – UV/LED Gel Polish Magnetic Cat Eye 5D 7,2ml – Siberian
  • SKU: NN-6033-7

NeoNail – UV/LED Gel Polish Magnetic Cat Eye 5D 7,2ml – Siberian



    Siberian this unique varnish in shades of green and purple will certainly attract the eyes of others with its multidimensional effect.

    High-quality NeoNail UV/LED polish provides an impeccable nail appearance for at least 21 days .

    NeoNail Professional Cat Eye 5D is a collection of revolutionary gel polishes, thanks to which you will get a hypnotizing effect and emphasize your feminine magnetism.

    A colourful glow that creates the cat's eye effect - now in the new version.

    Discover 4 colour suggestions that will transfer your manicure to the 5th dimension!

    You will extract particles from magnetic gel polish and arrange fanciful patterns on the plate. Shimmering glow in shades of pink, violet, gold or turquoise will give predation to stylization, all thanks to the magnet.

    To get the most spectacular effect of the cat's eye, we recommend applying a very thin layer of NeoNail Professional Cat Eye 5D and using a double-sided magnet.

    Discover a new dimension with new magnetic gel polish!


    Always shake well before use.

    1. Polish the surface of the nails evenly using a nail file or a buffer.
    2. Apply the UV/LED HARD BASE coat to the nails and allow to cure. You can see how long the curing time is below the UV or LED lamp.
    3. Shake the "Cat Eye" nail polish before use, then apply a thin layer of the UV/LED nail polish to the nails and hold the magnet at a distance of 0.5 cm over the nail surface for approx. 5 sec. Cure in the UV lamp, 36 W for 2 minutes.
    4. Apply a second, equally thin layer of the UV nail polish and hold the magnet again over the nail for approx. 5 seconds. Cure in the UV lamp at 36 W for 2 minutes.
    5. Apply the UV HARD TOP cure under the UV lamp 36 W for 2 minutes, then clean it thoroughly with the Cleaner.

    To remove the nail polish, smooth the shiny surface evenly with a polishing pad, then remove the nail polish with an acetone soaked pad over the nail - leaving it to work for 10 minutes. Remove any remnants of the nail polish using a small wooden stick or metal nail pusher.



    UV/LED Nail Polishes from NeoNail are only suitable for professional use. Keep the product away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately. The product can cause allergies or irritation. Do not use if allergy or hypersensitivity to any component of the product. If the nail plate is damaged or diseased, the UV nail polish should not be used. If irritation or hypersensitivity occurs, the application should be interrupted immediately. Do not use product after expiry date. Do not expose the UV nail polish to direct UV radiation.

    The expiry date and the batch number are shown on the packaging.

    Use the product for its intended purpose only.

    UV/LED nail polish is intended as a product for professional use. The NeoNail gel polish, can only be carried out by trained and qualified persons.

    The product should not be used until the age of 16.

    Size: 7,2 ml