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NeoNail- UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml- Waves Lover
NeoNail- UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml- Waves Lover
  • SKU: NN-8521-7

NeoNail- UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml- Waves Lover


    Waves Lover hybrid varnish with a "glass" finish This season, the implementation of decorations enters a completely new level, thanks to hybrid varnishes from the latest Paradise collection! You will find in it, above all, beautiful, transparent shades that will give you the effect of colored glass.

    One of such colors is Waves Lover, a deep blue color that will change any manicure for the summer of 2021! Use it as a base for nail pollen or a perfect background on which to create a perfect French manicure in a colorful version. Reach for the Waves Lover hybrid polish and have fun with your nail stylization! Blue hybrid varnish - the effect of colored glass on the nails Waves Lover is a beautiful, deep shade in a blue color

    Its color resembles the waves of a rough ocean, so it will look beautiful in combination with holiday stylizations. Reach for the blue hybrid varnish with a glass effect to catch the eye and stand out from the crowd - discover new possibilities offered by the Waves Lover shade!