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NeoNail - Forming Tips Duo Acrylgel 100pcs
NeoNail - Forming Tips Duo Acrylgel 100pcs
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NeoNail - Forming Tips Duo Acrylgel 100pcs


    Forms / Tips Duo Acrylgel

    Duo Acrylgel is a breakthrough method of nail extension and modeling, which you will use with the renowned, revolutionary Duo Acrylgel.

    Innovative solutions offered by forms: - reusable - you can download the form after curing the styling and apply again.

    - 2 x easier and 2 x faster

    - Duo Acrylgel molds will allow a much more efficient and equally effective manicure treatment.

    - flexible and durable - you do not need to worry about damage during downloading and application.

    - your perfect nail shape - thanks to a properly contoured shape, you'll get a perfect tile.

    - something went wrong?  Repair it - when Duo Acrylgel spills out of the mold, do not worry. It is enough to remove the excess of the product with a brush soaked in a cleaner.