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NeoNail - Easter Egg
NeoNail - Easter Egg
NeoNail - Easter Egg
NeoNail - Easter Egg
NeoNail - Easter Egg
NeoNail - Easter Egg
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NeoNail - Easter Egg


    Limited Easter Egg UV/LED Gel Polish Set from NEONAIL!

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for a lover of beautiful nails?

    Here it is - a limited set with UV/LED Gel Polish, i.e. the Easter Egg!

    It is a beautifully packed gift that both beginners and professional nail stylists will enjoy.

    This amazing set is a perfect gift for each of us, because it contains the best-selling shades of NEONAIL UV/LED gel polishes!

    Limited set with UV/LED Gel Polish - what will you find in it?

    UV/LED gel base Cover Base Protein in colour Natural Nude - it's reliable, beige base you will extend your nails with even up to 10 mm.

    Two UV/LED gel polish - each with charming, timeless colour perfect for spring.

    UV/LED Gel top Top Shine Bright - will consolidate your stylization and give it a distinctive flash.

    Vitamin oil for cuticles Vitamin Cuticle Oil - thanks to it you will nourish your nails and the cuticles around them.

    The best-selling UV/LED Gel Polish in the Easter Egg set!

    *The UV/LED Gel Polish colours shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ with each egg.