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NeoNail - Don't Forget To Party  UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2ml

Don't Forget To Party UV/LED Gel Polish 7.2 ml

It's time to relax a bit and feel the atmosphere of the carnival that is fast approaching us.

Adapt to this extraordinary time with nail styling - apply glitter UV/LED gel polish on them and start having fun!

Don't Forget To Party is a UV/LED gel polish that consists of many shiny particles in the colour of female violet with a blend of pink.

Do you want to emphasize the beauty of your party dress or timeless makeup?

Use the brocade pink and purple Don't Forget To Party UV/LED glitter gel polish in pink and purple.

Don't Forget To Party is a UV/LED gel polish consisting of pink and purple glitter, which will perfectly diversify your every manicure.

How to use it?

Combine it with classic shades such as beige, gray or black to create an extraordinary manicure. You can also treat the pink-purple glitter UV/LED gel polish as the only shade that will appear on your nails.

The Don't Forget To Party UV/LED gel polish is:

✅ creamy texture that allows you to work on 5 nails at the same time,

✅ very saturated shade providing up to 85% coverage with just one layer,

✅ easy application thanks to a well-shaped brush,

✅ curing in just 30 seconds when using a 48W LED lamp,

✅ quick removal of styling with Acetone,

✅ durability up to 21 days and perfect shine!

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