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NeoNail - Cuticle Nipper 3mm
  • SKU: NN-1177

NeoNail - Cuticle Nipper 3mm


    3 mm cuticle clippers

    Professional cuticle clippers made of stainless steel.

    They are suitable for long-term use.

    They are extremely handy and comfortable to use.

    They have very sharp blades, which allows for a simple, precise cut.

    The product is extremely helpful when performing manicure and pedicure.

    The blade is 3 mm long.  

    Principles of proper cleaning:     

    all tools must be thoroughly cleaned before and immediately after use, regular greasing will maintain their effectiveness, prolonged contact with water can damage the tools and impair their efficiency, dulling and damage caused by dropping, may result in lowering their lifetime,treatments with hard nails and skins will weaken the tools, all accessories, manicure and pedicure devices have their specific lifespan and will only work properly until then, sterilization and disinfection will gradually reduce the efficiency of the blades and the quality of steel in the tools.  

    Proper storage:     all properly cleaned, disinfected and dried tools must be stored in a dry and clean place.