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NeoNail - Cover Base Protein Pastel Lilac UV/LED 7.2ml
NeoNail - Cover Base Protein Pastel Lilac UV/LED 7.2ml
  • SKU: NN-8717-7

NeoNail - Cover Base Protein Pastel Lilac UV/LED 7.2ml


    Cover Base Protein Pastel Lilac - a lilac hybrid base It cannot be denied that Cover Base Protein is one of your favorite products, so we decided to create a new face - Cover Base Protein Pastel Collection! It is a series of five beautiful, pastel hybrid bases that can already appear on your nails.

    One of them is the shade of Pastel Lilac, i.e. a violet, covering hybrid base. It is a perfect product for creating a modern French and babyboomer manicure. Do you want to try? Covering hybrid base in purple, pastel color Pastel Lilac is a beautiful, lilac purple, which is an extraordinary, pastel shade.

    Do you want to create a hybrid manicure that will make you stand out? Choose a base with a color, i.e. Cover Base Protein Pastel Lilac! The purple base of Pastel Lilac is: the manicure lasted up to 21 days; nail extension up to 5 mm, easy leveling and perfect C curve; great coverage - no need to apply colored hybrid varnish; medium-thick consistency that facilitates the application of the base on the nails without flooding the cuticles; comfortable, contoured brush; a beautiful manicure in a few moments - the Pastel Lilac base will be perfect as a background for nail art or babyboomer styling!