Neonail - Base Full Color Base Perfect 7,2 ml
Neonail - Base Full Color Base Perfect 7,2 ml
Neonail - Base Full Color Base Perfect 7,2 ml
Neonail - Base Full Color Base Perfect 7,2 ml
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Neonail - Base Full Color Base Perfect 7,2 ml


    2in1 Hybrid Base Full Color Base Perfect 7,2 ml
    Manicure that suits everyone? Reach for the classic red in the form of a hybrid base Full Color Base in the shade of Perfect, which is the equivalent of the iconic Perfect Red varnish. This base with color will allow you to achieve a permanent stylization in a few moments! All you have to do is apply a hybrid base, cure it in an LED lamp, and finally fix it with your favorite NEONAIR top. Achieve the perfect finish of a red manicure in a timeless shade.

    Why Full Color Base is the product for you?
    An innovative 2-in-1 product, i.e. a combination of base and colors in one product;
    This is a way to a quick and durable manicure in a few moments;
    Only two layers are enough to provide you with intense coverage and high pigmentation;
    The product does not flow onto the skins due to its medium-thick consistency, which allows it to be easily leveled;

    It has a precise brush that evenly covers the nail plate;
    It sticks well to the nail plate and does not chip;
    Manicure lasted up to 21 days!

    Perfect mani with a red base 2in1
    Perfect is a hybrid nail base with a color that suits everyone. If you do not know what shade of red will look great in combination with your complexion, opt for a 2in1 hybrid base in Perfect. It is saturated, feminine and suitable for any occasion. Paint your nails with a 2in1 base, apply your favorite hybrid top and enjoy the perfect red mani, next to which you can not pass by indifferently!

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