Frequently asked questions

UV/LED Gel Nail Polish combines the properties of UV gel and traditional nail polish which guarantees long-lasting manicure and pedicure. Cured in the UV or LED lamp, the Gel Polish stays on the nails for three to four weeks, without peeling, chipping, scratching and continues its intense shine till removed. Constant repainting is therefore no longer necessary.


STEP 1. Give the nails the desired shape. Carefully push back cuticles with a WOODEN STICKS or CUTICLE PUSHER then slightly buffer the nail surface using BUFFER and remove any dirt and dust with a BRUSH.

STEP 2. Wipe the nail plate using the NAIL CLEANER.

STEP 3. Paint a thin layer of the HARD BASE as a primary coat and allow it to cure under the LED/UV LAMP. (Do not wipe the nails with the cleaner in between coats).

STEP 4. Apply GEL POLISH COLOUR in your desired shade and cure it under LED/UV LAMP. Repeat the process.

STEP 5. Apply a thin layer of HARD TOP to protect the colour and to give it intensive shine. Cure under LED/UV LAMP.

STEP 6. Once HARD TOP is cured wipe off the sticky residue nails using NAIL CLEANER.

STEP 7. For extra care, use a CUTICLE OIL and hand cream.

STEP 1.To remove gel polish from the nails, file down the glossy layer of nail polish using a NAIL FILE.

STEP 2. Soak NAIL WRAPS in ACETONE/REMOVER and wrap tightly around the fingernail allowing to soak for around ten minutes.

STEP 3. Take off the NAIL WRAPS and any GEL POLISH residue remove with a WOODEN STICK or a CUTICLE PUSHER.

A common cause of damage to the natural nail plate is an improper handling of the products. If the treatment is handled correctly, no one should worry about the health and condition of the nails. The natural nail plate consists of approximately 100 to 150 layers however it is extremely easy to over file nail surface as no more than 1-3 layers should be removed at any point. Finally, the nail plate and skin should be nourished with a nourishing oil or moisturiser.

Should the acetone get in contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water for several minutes and seek medical advice immediately.

In order to do something good for your skin after gel polish removal, use a cuticle oil and you apply it to the nail and skin. If your nails feel a little weak you can also treat them with Japanese Manicure to strengthen them. Do not forget to moisturise daily.